Exzore :The Rising is a third-person, open world, RPG game set in the fictional world of Eogaan, during the medieval times. Damien Clive, ex-commander of the ‘Exzore’ army unit, loses everything after being betrayed. He emerges from the ashes to seek retribution and regain his honour. Equip mechanical gadgets that give you special abilities and use them to your advantage during combat and exploration. Combine your Exzore abilities and weapon swings to punish your enemies in most devastating ways. Craft and modify your mechanical gadgets, weapons, and armours to tailor your own combat style. Develop your character using the dynamic skill system to become a legendary warrior or a mighty guardian. Explore the vast open world - vanquishing foes, pulling through erratic weather, facing political conspiracies and uncovering ancestral secrets. Now the game is in restructuring phase.